Wrapping It Up

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wrapping It Up

Living room with built-in storage by Amanda Sinistaj | Photo by Beth Singer
Living room with built-in storage by Amanda Sinistaj | Photo by Beth Singer

“Trend forecasting” is always a hot topic this time of year, but we thought we would take a different approach and ask designers and showroom staff what design trends they believe have overstayed their welcome. Conversely, we were curious to learn the trends they have seen emerge recently and believe will continue to gain steam in 2017.

“I’d like to see chalkboard walls go away. I'd much rather see built-in trim units for organizing. Additionally, the use of barn doors in residential spaces has gotten out of hand. I'm excited for a variety of new contemporary door styles to replace these. The industrial/reclaimed look has saturated the market in recent years. It will be nice to move toward a mid-century look next year, with potentially more modern, clean edges.”
- Amanda Sinistaj, Ellwood Interiors

“Marie-Howard Showroom is so over gray linen fabrics and espresso finish on case goods. Lately, we have had a strong request for more luxurious-feeling fabrics, especially velvets. Leading-edge tapes also continue to gain popularity in our fabric department. Furniture design continues to soften with wood species, grains, and new finish techniques becoming increasingly important. We see people willing to invest in quality furniture again and appreciate their understanding of the need to work with a professional when doing so. Designers are specifying custom furniture pieces on a more regular basis. We’ve had some great custom projects this past year and look forward to several already on the drawing board for 2017!”
- Barbara Bilobran, Marie-Howard Showroom Manager

“For some time, it seemed as though everyone wanted their home to represent a trip to Italy. The color palette was typically lots of gold and brown, with heavy ornamentation on the furniture and light fixtures. Let's say "arrivederci" to the Tuscan Interior! Today we are using fresher, brighter colors and a more eclectic approach to a personalized interior. Products that are artisanal, or collected, favorite colors that make us feel happy or fabrics that evoke a sense of whimsy allow our home to be more authentic and represent who we really are (not a tourist in Italy!).”
- Terry Ellis, Room Service Interior Design

“Fifty shades (and counting) of Gray. In my long career as an interior designer I seldom, if ever, used gray in residential environments. We live in Michigan, after all, with countless gray days. However, the fever-pitch demand for gray interiors, supported by social media and subsequently requested by clients, resulted in my relenting to the trend. I also stage houses for resale and realtors were insisting on some shade of gray walls for quick sale. Even though gray may be here to stay for some time, it is thankfully being replaced by the new neutral Greige. Gray + Beige = Greige, which combines the contemporary sophistication of gray with the earthy qualities of beige. It's a more organic, elegant neutral that is very easy on the eyes. The word derives from the old French and Italian words meaning "raw silk," according to Wiktionary: seta grezza (Italian) and soie grège (French). Accessible Beige and Agreeable Gray are two shades of Greige from Sherwin-Williams that work well to update a room. To add more energy to a Greige room, add a bright accent wall and watch that space pop. Throw in some colorful accessories and the space bursts to life. For last month’s Design 2 Ways event, I used red as my defining color and it made an otherwise understated Greige space blossom.”
- Linda Shears, Linda Shears Designs

“I’m over the formal, high-sheen mahogany look in furniture. I have enjoyed seeing the recent mixing of modern with traditional styles. It can be tricky to pull off, but when done correctly, it really makes a space extraordinary. I’ve also enjoyed seeing the large use of metals and natural stone and look forward to seeing more of this look in 2017.”
- Maureen Fahlbush, Baker Showroom Manager