Refresh & Rejuvenate for Spring

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Refresh & Rejuvenate for Spring

Gossamer curtains, pale colors and greenery whisper “spring.” Clarke + Clarke Natura Sheers, Duralee
Gossamer curtains, pale colors and greenery whisper “spring.” Clarke + Clarke Natura Sheers, Duralee

Seasons change outside, so there’s no reason that interiors can’t also change with the season – and it doesn’t require a major style overhaul or big expense. Like wardrobes, our décor can go into winter storage and brought out again when the weather turns cool. Here are some suggestions on how to spring into action with your décor:

Take down heavy curtains that seemed appropriate for winter and install draperies with a lightweight fabric, like muslin, sailcloth cotton, or a silk-linen blend.

Those plump velvet pillows that were so comfy during the colder months can be replaced by softer colors and fabrics. They’ll also give your sofa a fresh, invigorated look.

Bring the outdoors in by displaying fresh flowers or cutting branches from a forsythia bush. And don’t forget that the vase is part of the arrangement, too. Make sure that the scale of the vase mirrors the height of the flower arrangement.

Sure, tulips and daffodils shout spring, but experiment with something less predictable, such as ranunculus, a long-lasting cut flower with delicate, tightly clustered petals and lacy leaves.

Add a rippling, soothing fountain to the indoors. The sensation of hearing gently running water is often more comforting than calming music.

Don’t forget about the scent of a room. Spice-, maple-, and coffee-scented candles are terrific for the colder months, but spring and summer cry out for something light and fresh. Lemon-verbena or orange-vanilla are good choices, but steer away from those cloying floral scents that can have the same effect of being in the same room with a person doused with too much fragrance. Subtlety is the best policy.

A fine-quality Oriental rug in jewel tones may have been the perfect touch for autumn and winter, but roll it up for spring and display a cotton-wool blend rug in quiet pastels or neutrals. Or go bold and choose something with turquoise or sunshiny yellow accents.

Change the art arrangement in a room, or add a whimsical painting or print to brighten the space.

Painting a room in a lighter color can change the whole ambiance of a space. But if repainting the entire room isn’t an option, paint only the woodwork or mantel, or add some colorful accessories to the room. Sage green or celadon are good choices to reflect spring, but they’re also expected. Instead, try dove gray, a muddy soft blue, creamy pale lemon, or faint lavender.

Painting only the ceiling in a light color can “open” up a room so it feels larger and more airy.

Changing your décor for spring can also be applied to china, glassware, and other accessories. Put the heavier, more formal pieces away and usher in spring and summer with less fussy dishes and glasses.

Don’t neglect lighting. For a less glaring and more filtered atmosphere, try soft-pink bulbs, or line the inside of shades with cream or pale pink paper to make the light glowing, not glaring.

Let some fresh air in! Nothing refreshes a room more than open windows, with gauzy curtains gently billowing in the breeze.

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